Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hamas leader Zahar dismisses Gaza power crisis, discusses merger with Islamic Jihad

In a remarkably tone-deaf interview, Hamas Gaza leader Mahmoud Zahar dismissed any claims that the power crisis in Gaza was a problem.

The leader of the Hamas questioned those talking about a state of flux in the Gazan street as a result of successive crises such as lack of gas and power outages, saying: "There are crises in gas, housing and oil in the world, and there are European countries with a huge declared bankruptcy. The people promting these rumors are the elements of the previous (PA) security forces who are sitting in their homes and getting paid, and who drive taxis, and spread rumors, and this is part of a plan to incite public opinion against Hamas before the elections." he continued, "On the ground of the Palestinian people are genuine, they survived the war and the blockade did not yield," and he urged the media "not to intervene at this game."
He also said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad were seriously considering a merger and a decision on a merger or cooperation agreement is due in the next few days.

Regarding Hamas' position on Syria and Iran, he stressed that Hamas does not interfere in Syrian affasirs, but asserted that Hamas is not with Iran or against it, and not with Syria or against it; they just want good relations with the Arab world.

And, as usual, he blamed Fatah for the failure of reconciliation so far.