Friday, February 10, 2012

BDS professor at Penn explains how to demonize Israel IN EVERY CLASS

At the PennBDS conference last weekend, there was a breakout session on the "Academic Boycott of Israel."

One of the panelists was Amy Kaplan, professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania.

At the Q&A session, another teacher asked Kaplan how to incorporate the BDS memes of demonizing Israel into college courses, even when the course has nothing to do with "Palestine."

And Professor Kaplan answered him.

Here we have a professor at an Ivy League university explicitly calling on like-minded educators to shoehorn hate of Israel into every one of their classes.

For these academics, college is not about teaching but it is merely a platform for them to spout their political views at their captive audience.

Watch this (audio courtesy StandWithUs)::

Do you think that this reflects the policy of the University of Pennsylvania?

For a fuller description of how the PennBDS conference was more about pushing hate than about dialogue, see this report from Guy Herschmann at JWeekly.

UPDATE: This looks like one of the courses that Kaplan "made up" more for its propaganda value than its educational value. But, of course, she is "even-handed" in including some Israeli authors as well.

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UPDATE 2: The UPenn English chair responded to this post.