Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unity! PA refuses to send passports for Gazans

Palestine Today reports that the PA has continued to refuse to send blank passports to Gaza.

The passports are necessary for Gazans to travel to other countries, especially Egypt.

The PA has withheld or drastically limited the passports for years. But in one of the agreements with Hamas for "unity," Mahmoud Abbas promised to rectify the situation, saying that a passport is "the inherent right of every Palestinian."

"Unity" has accomplished its main purpose: It stopped a possible revolt against Fatah and Hamas with false promises. And the two parties will continue to do whatever they can to maintain the status quo, and to save their own necks and positions of power.

The Palestinian Arab media is mostly aligned with one side or the other, so there are very few articles complaining that "unity" has been a sham. Instead there are articles blaming the others for the stalemate.