Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Swedish reporter gets chummy with Salafist interviewees

Swedish public radio's correspondent in the Middle East, Cecilia Uddén, did some heavy-hitting investigative journalism to get to the bottom of what the newsly powerful Salafists in Egypt think.

She spoke to one of their female spokespersons, Sarry Gamal Ahmed. Ahmed complained that the West only concentrates on Islamic punishments like cutting off hands for theft.

She emphasized that the most important thing is not to cram Sharia down Egyptians' throats. Maybe in five year they will be ready for it, but not now.

Of course, Ahmed added, the Salafists support stoning for adultery.

The reporter was so impressed with what she heard that she posed with her newfound friends Ahmed and her friend Lamia Selim:

And that is the photo on the website illustrating the story.

This is journalism? 

(By the way, the newspaper did not identify which young woman was Sarry Ahmed and which was Lamia Selim. I wonder why?)