Saturday, December 10, 2011

Salafist party in Egypt calls democracy "kufr"

Al Masry al Youm reports that leaders of the Salafist Nour party that gained about a quarter of the votes in the recent elections consider democracy to be "kufr," or apostasy.

They said that a proper government would use the system of "allegiance" to determine new leadership, as practiced by early Muslims after Mohammed's death.

They also claimed that the advertisements in the streets of Cairo are "Masonic Jewish ads" and should be banned.

If democracy is "kufr," then why did they participate and run in elections?

Could it possibly be to ensure that these are the last elections Egypt ever has?

Nah. That's infidel talk.

And the Salafists serve a great purpose: they allow the Western world to pretend that the Muslim Brotherhood is "moderate" by comparison.

Today, John Kerry even met with the virulently anti-semitic Brotherhood. Why not? They are respectable anti-semites!

(h/t Translating Jihad for confirming some of the translation for me)