Monday, December 19, 2011

Poor Egyptian sheikh didn't get martyred while killing Jews

Isn't it tragic when someone who wanted to die while killing Jews gets offed by his own?
Sheikh Emad Effat, who was killed at the age of 52 on Friday by military police with a gunshot to his heart, was a revolutionary Islamic scholar who affected the lives of hundreds of students he tutored and taught at Al-Azhar Mosque and Dar al-Iftaa, the Muslim world’s premier institution for legal research.

Effat was killed in Tahrir Square when military police violently cracked down on a sit-in by the cabinet building. His family and students suspect that he may have been targeted because of his criticism of the ruling military council and, most importantly, due to his last fatwa, which forbade voting for parliamentary candidates associated with the Mubarak regime and former members of the dissolved National Democratic Party.

...According to Effat’s wife and students, he had longed for martyrdom over the past 30 years. His e-mail is even called “shaheed_elazhari” (Al-Azhar martyr).

“He initially wanted to die while liberating Jerusalem from the hands of Israelis, but then when Egypt’s revolution erupted, he wished to be martyred in Egypt because those who kill their own people are not considered Muslims,” read the statement.
About 35,000 have been killed in the "Arab Spring" so far, so I guess that there are a lot of Muslims who are "not considered Muslims."

But the ones who publicly call for - and cheer - the death of Jews? Sure, they are as Muslim as can be!

(h/t Jawa Report via O)