Sunday, December 18, 2011

More photos from the "open-air prison" of Gaza

Electronic Intifada writers normally spend their time telling the world how Gaza is a war-torn hell on Earth where desperate citizens have lost so much hope that they have no choice but to embrace fully-justified terrorism.

But the blog also wants to tell its regular readers another narrative, that Hamas is not so bad and that things are really quite normal there (despite Israel's crippling siege, naturally.)

If you want to gain sympathy and money from EU-funded NGOs. you stick with the first story. If you want to score points for Hamas among fellow terror supporters, you tell the second.

And you hope that people who believe the first don't see the second, because all those billions of dollars meant to stave off poverty and hunger might very well go *poof!*

Here is an example of the second narrative in photos:

(h/t Omri)