Tuesday, December 06, 2011

More moderate words from Hamas

Even though Hamas' military threats against Israel are an every day occurrence, too many so-called Middle East experts pretend that it doesn't exist - or even that Hamas accepts Israel's existence - so I have to document it in English.

The latest comes once again from Hamas Gaza leader Mahmoud Zahar, who spoke at a conference on "defending Jerusalem" from Zionists yesterday.

Zahar said that Israel's exit from Palestine would be "humiliating and shameful."

He also said that Hamas will continue its program of resistance to include all forms of resistance, and anyone who wants to know exactly what that means should know that "we will use our weapons only the liberation of Palestine."

Zahar called on the West to support the Islamicization of the Middle East, asking the West to carefully study the new Islamic reality, and to determine where its interests lie - as a construction project to work together with the new Islamist leaders, or as a demolition project.

Another speaker at the conference said that a Palestine without Jerusalem would not be worth anything.