Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Master Hamas terrorist "retires" and wants to join "political wing"

Abdullah Barghouti is serving a 67-life term sentence for being instrumental in terror attacks that killed scores of Israelis, including the Sbarro pizza shop attack.

But now the 39-year old terrorist has written a letter to Hamas leaders asking to be able to run as a candidate in prison elections and from there the legislative elections that are currently planned for May 2012.

He also said he wants to work to include Hamas in the PLO umbrella.

One analyst said that Barghouti was frustrated at not being included i n he last prisoner swap and that he wants to moderate his image so he might get released next time.

This appears to be Hamas' idea of career management - pay your dues as a terrorist and then graduate to become a respected politician.

Why not? There is no  shortage of Western politicians and journalists who are more than happy to use aging terrorist statements as proof of their much desired and illusory "moderation" of Hamas.