Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Islamic Jihad's guide to using cell phones - without the Mossad killing you

Palestine Today published a guide for terrorists on how to use their cell phones - without getting tracked by Israel.

The guide, created by the Al Quds Brigades of Islamic Jihad, informs us of how cell phones can track people.

The most dangerous way is when Israel actually surreptitiously installs a tracking device on the phone itself. This way the phone can be tracked even if you remove the battery. Careful mujahadeen must know where they get their phones from!

The phone number can be used to track the type of device, and sometimes more.

Voice mail messages can be used to identify the person whose phone it is. Technology should be used to disguise one's voice.

The Mossad can also use neighbors' cell phones to monitor all phones in a 12 meter radius.

And the Israelis can hack into the cell towers to figure out who is calling whom, and from where.

The tips given include:

  • Remove the battery when not in use
  • Place cell phones in aluminum containers a half centimeter thick
  • Buy older cell phones; smart phones are way too smart.
  • Use paper to send messages between mujahadeen
  • Change cell phones often
  • Use software to make it sound like your voice is that of a woman or child in your voicemail message

When lots of  mujahadeen meet, they should place their cell phones at least 10 meters away from the meeting in case there are listening devices on the phones. Also meet where there is white noise like water running.

Also, don't hold meetings in places with glass windows, because there is technology to shoot a laser beam at the window and convert vibrations from the reflected beam into sound.