Thursday, December 08, 2011

Egypt grants citizenship to 454 PalArab children

In January, in a UNRWA report about Lebanon, the agency stated "Tawteen (naturalization) is also strongly rejected by the Palestinians, who insist on their right to return to Palestine."

As I noted then, this is simply a lie. Every time an Arab government allowed Palestinian Arabs to become citizens, they rushed in to do it.

The latest example comes from Egypt. 454 children in Egypt who have Palestinian fathers were given citizenship yesterday, making over 1000 people who were formerly considered Palestinian to now be Egyptian citizens this year. And tens of thousands more are trying desperately to gain Egyptian citizenship.

The idea that Palestinian Arabs do not want to become citizens in the countries that they were born in and grew up in is simply another lie. Many, probably most, do, especially when they hear that even in the case of a Palestinian Arab state, their own leaders don't want them to move to "Palestine" - but to flood Israel instead, a scenario that will never happen.

The Arab nations and Palestinian Arab leaders are colluding to keep their "refugee" population miserable and stateless. And they have succeeded, brilliantly.