Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Al Qaeda group denies responsibility for Katyushas last week (updated)

From AFP:
An Al-Qaeda-inspired group has denied claiming responsibility for a recent rocket attack from southern Lebanon against Israel, instead blaming a group linked to Hezbollah, a US monitoring group said Monday.

In a statement issued on jihadist forums, the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam said the Nov. 29 attack should be seen as a warning to the West and Israel from embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad, the SITE Intelligence Group said.

"The Brigades declared that the attack ... is to be construed as a message from Assad to Israel and the West, that if his regime is made to fall, then the field will open to the youth of the Sunni people to attack the Jewish state," the statement said.

The Brigades in their statement said it was clear that Damascus and its Shiite ally Hezbollah were keen for political reasons to blame the group for any security incidents in Lebanon, including a July attack on UN troops.
It seems unlikely that an Al Qaeda linked group would deny responsibility if they actually did it.

Which means that not only did Hezbollah shoot the rockets (directly or indirectly,) but they also fabricated the statement of responsibility from the Abdullah Azzam Brigades.

Is there no honor among terrorists?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Lebanon complained to the UN that Israel retaliated against the Katyushas. Given the UN's modus operandi, we might be seeing a few resolutions and special sessions about how Israel was the aggressor.