Monday, December 19, 2011

4 Katyushas discovered in southern Lebanon

From The Daily Star:
Four Katyusha rockets were found in pipes in Hasbaya, southeast Lebanon, Monday, less than a month after rockets, both apparently aimed at Israel, were fired from the south in two separate incidents, one of which prompted return fire.

The sources said a Lebanese farmer discovered the 107 mm rockets as he plowed his olive grove on the outskirts of the village of Majidieh in Hasbaya, only 800 meters from the Israel-Lebanon border.

The farmer, identified as Ghazi al-Zahran, informed Hezbollah who in turn notified the Lebanese Army intelligence.

The rockets were originally reported to have been found ready to be fired.

A Lebanese Army unit, accompanied by explosives experts, and U.N. peacekeepers arrived at the scene to examine the four rockets, according to the security sources, who spoke to The Daily Star on condition of anonymity.
Hezbollah informed the LAF?

Since the rockets were found so close to Israel, it is literally unbelievable that Hezbollah was not involved in how they got there to begin with.

My guess is that Hezbollah was worried that the farmer also told UNIFIL, and decided to play it safe and act like it actually cared about the people under its control.