Sunday, November 27, 2011


I feel duty bound to inform my readers that a prime example of that dreaded H-word is coming this Tuesday to TV viewers in South Florida.

It will cause anger, angst, and maybe even aneurysms from the "progressive" crowd. This film violates their fiat where every mention of Israel must be combined with "apartheid," "illegal," "illegitimate" or "genocidal."

Called Israel Inside, It was created by JerusalemOnlineU which is already on the radar of anti-Zionist Jews as being way too supportive of the Jewish state.

And the worst part?

It's all true! 

It must be especially insulting that the "progressive" crowd has to see this on a network that they have long ago assumed was reflexively anti-Israel. Oooh, that hurts.

Their frothing protests will start right...about...now.