Sunday, November 27, 2011

The UAE offered $50 million to Palau to vote against Israel at UN

Ynet (print edition, Hebrew) reports:
"The Arabs offered us $50 million under one condition: that we stop our support for Israel and our votes in their favor at the UN. We told them: 'Forget it. We will not vote against Israel for anything in the world' "  - So said the president of Palau, one of the Pacific Island states, Johnson Toribiong.

Last night the President concluded a week-long state visit to Israel along with the two other Pacific state leaders: the president of Vanuatu, Iolu Johnson Abil, and the speaker of the parliament of Tonga, Lord Lasike.
The article goes on the say that the UAE offered $50 million over five years to Palau, and another $50 million afterwards, to secure their vote against Israel.

Palau along with Vanuatu and other Pacific microstates  have traditionally supported Israel at the UN.

Entire article:

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UPDATE: This 2010 UAE initiative might be the same thing. See also here.