Sunday, November 13, 2011

A strange definition of "tikun olam"

Crazed anti-Israel nutcase blogger Richard Silverstein has an exclusive!

The face of the Israeli terror machine may have reared its ugly head again in the world. This time it may have produced yet another massive act of sabotage (Hebrew original) at an IRG missile base west of Teheran. ...

Ynet raises the possibility that it was a deliberate act of sabotage on not just a missile base, but an intelligence facility. Teheran Bureau says the IRG is telling the Iranian media that the incident was not an act of terror, but purely an industrial accident. An Iranian who worked at the base for several months and was interviewed by Iranian media discounted the likelihood of an act of sabotage since security at the base was extremely strict.

However, an Israeli source with extensive senior political and military experience provides an exclusive report that it was the work of the Mossad in collaboration with the MEK.

...[M]y source has never been wrong so far in the reports he’s offered.
Silverstein is so anxious to blame Israel for everything that he was once taken in by an obvious Ha'aretz Purim joke article claiming that advertising messages would be projected onto the Kotel. He is known as a thin-skinned, sloppy, and unreliable blogger.

Nevertheless, YNet is now headlining an article with Silverstein's unsourced allegations!

And from what I hear, Israel's Army Radio mentioned it as well.

Not to mention Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad mouthpiece Palestine Today.

Now, from the beginning of this story, everyone recognized that it was entirely possible that Israel or other Western intelligence agencies were behind this explosion. I'm hardly an expert and I noted that as well.

But one of the features of espionage is plausible deniability.

Last week, on numerous occasions, Iran threatened to send hundreds of missiles to Israeli targets if it was attacked, or even if it was threatened with an attack.

Silverstein names his blog "Tikun Olam" in a bizarre attempt to pretend that somehow his unhinged and hateful postings help "repair the world." (By the way, along with most Jews who know nothing about Judaism, Silverstein's concept of "tikkun olam" is far from what the phrase actually means.)

If Iran becomes convinced that Israel has just attacked its missile facility, it will consider an avalanche of missiles aimed at Israel to be a response, not an attack.

So Silverstein, hiding his hate for Israel behind a misunderstood concept  of "repairing the world," has no problem with doing his part to help bring war. And if quoting some random Israeli who makes him feel important by even talking to him is the method to do that, then, no problem. (Every real reporter would require corroboration from a second source before publishing something this incendiary.)

Since Silverstein's entire blogging career has always been more about boosting his immense-but-fragile ego and fueling his intense hate of Israel than anything remotely positive, Silverstein can be counted upon as not giving a damn if he just helped edge the region - and possibly the world - towards war.

That's the "tikun olam" of fools.

(h/t CAMERA)