Monday, November 14, 2011

Released Islamic Jihad terrorist brags about his attacks

Palestine Today has an adoring interview with one of the prisoners released in the Shalit deal, Ziad Salameh. (I believe his name in the official lists of those released is "Awadh Ziad Awadh al-Salaima Awad" but there are a couple of inconsistencies.)

Salameh (whose name means "peaceful") went on a stabbing rampage in Tel Aviv in March of 1993 where he stabbed two Israelis to death and injured nine others. The attack occurred near the central bus station. He murdered a 28 year old barber and a 27-year old Russian immigrant.

In his interview Salamah explains that he started off his career with rock throwing - but that wasn't exciting enough so he purchased large knives.  He claims that he obtained a fake work permit and exited Gaza along with a number of Palestinian Arabs who were working in Israel, and then took a bus to Tel Aviv. "My goal was to reach the area with the largest number of settlers and kills as many as I could."

He even brags that he managed to stab one "settler" who was hiding behind a car.

Then he was overcome by Israelis who subdued him with pipes and sticks, breaking some of his bones.

Once he was in prison he received medical care for his injuries, obtained his high school diploma and attended four terms of classes at Hebrew University.

He says he never lost hope that he would be freed in a prisoner swap.

If anyone literally has "blood on his hands," it is Salameh.