Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Morning links/snippets

Melanie Phillips: Blaming the Victim
The widespread fallacy that the ‘peace process’ has stalled because Israel keeps building more Jewish ‘settlements’ on ‘Palestinian land’...is not only totally wrong but utterly perverse.

Al Arabiya: Al Qaeda returns to Egypt under Iranian cover
If Arab countries are not attacked by Israel, they will certainly be attacked by Iran, and al-Qaeda is ready to help.

Jewish Ideas Daily looks at a WaPo article praising young, attractive PalArabs who want to peacefully destroy Israel.

An Iranian source for the Guardian blames the Mossad for the explosion in Iran on Saturday.

My Right Word notes an interesting loophole in an initiative to register Palestinians to vote directly for the Palestinian National Council - every Israeli and many Jews would be considered "Palestinian."

Khaled Abu Toameh asks why Israeli Arabs don't have better representatives in the Knesset?
The role of Arab Knesset members should be to fight for increased budgets, better infrastructure, new working places and full integration into Israeli society. The overwhelming majority of Israeli Arabs are fighting for integration into Israel, not separation.

The next time Israeli Arabs go to the ballot boxes, they should vote for those who represent their real interests, and not candidates who only know how to deliver fiery speeches and promote hatred.
Video parody: Jewish and you know it (not exactly safe for work)

(h/t Benny, Yoel, Hadassah)