Thursday, November 03, 2011

A manly Palestinian Arab hero who murdered little old Jewish ladies

From Palestinian Media Watch:

PA TV host: "We are outside the home of the patient, heroic fighter who is resolute, overcoming his chains, desiring freedom - Abbas Al-Sayid, the lion of the prison cells."
PA TV host interviews released prisoner in the house of Al-Sayid:
Host: "[What is] your feeling now in the home of Abbas Al-Sayid - the leader, hero, defeater of the enemies, defeater of the dungeons, and lion under interrogation?"
Released female terrorist, Du'a Al-Jayousi: "He was an example and role model for us, we wanted very much to meet him."
Released male terrorist, Muayyad Al-Jallad: "I do not forget our neighbor and brother, Abbas Al-Sayid. He is the crown on our heads. Allah willing, we will soon rejoice for him over his release... He is honor to the nation, and there is no doubt that he makes us proud. Allah willing, he has enough patience and will... We are all familiar with his manly qualities of heroism and strength."
[PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 25, 2011]

Ah yes, those manly qualities of heroism and strength were powerful enough to manage to murder the mighty and strong Chanah Rogen, a 90 year old woman from Netanya, who had dedicated a couple of rooms at the Laniada Hospital in Netanya.

Even more impressive, this macho hero of Palestinian Arabs everywhere massacred a spry 86-year old, Frieda Britvich:

In fact, the Netanya Passover Massacre claimed 30 victims, whose average age was 68, and of whom 20 were over 70 years old. The victims, from the MFA site:

Shula Abramovitch, 63, of Holon- David Anichovitch, 70, of Netanya- Sgt.-Maj. Avraham Beckerman, 25, of Ashdod- Shimon Ben-Aroya, 42, of Netanya- Alter Britvich, 88, of Netanya- Frieda Britvich, 86, of Netanya- Andre Fried, 47, of Netanya- Idit Fried, 47, of Netanya- Miriam Gutenzgan, 82, Ramat Gan- Amiram Hamami, 44, of Netanya- Perla Hermele, 79, of Sweden- Dvora Karim, 73, of Netanya- Michael Karim, 78, of Netanya- Eliezer Korman, 74, of Ramat Hasharon- Yehudit Korman, 70, of Ramat Hasharon- Marianne Myriam Lehmann Zaoui, 77, of Netanya- Lola Levkovitch, 70, of Jerusalem- Sarah Levy-Hoffman, 89, of Tel-Aviv- Furuk Na'imi, 62, of Netanya- Eliahu Nakash, 85, of Tel-Aviv- Chanah Rogan, 90, of Netanya- Irit Rashel, 45, of Moshav Herev La'et- Clara Rosenberger, 77, of Jerusalem- Yulia Talmi, 87, of Tel-Aviv- St.-Sgt. Sivan Vider, 20, of Bekaot- Zee'v Vider, 50, of Moshav Bekaot- Ernest Weiss, 80, of Petah Tikva- Eva Weiss, 75, of Petah Tikva- Anna Yakobovitch, 78, of Holon- George Yakobovitch, 76, of Holon.







Andre Fried

Idit Fried





Dvora Karim






Furuk Na'imi


Irit Rashel




Sivan Vider


Ernest Weiss

Eva Weiss



Out of millions of Palestinian Arabs in the territories, can we find 30 people - one for each victim - who are willing to publicly proclaim that  al Sayid is a monster?

Everyone, from right to left, knows the answer. It would be very difficult to find those thirty people.

And that difficulty is a core issue in the entire conflict.