Monday, November 21, 2011

Jordanians plan to march "to Jerusalem" on Friday

From the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

An Islamic display called the "Million Man Worldwide Caravan" to be held near the Israeli-Jordanian border is planned for November 25, 2011: The participants will gather in the Jordanian valley north of the Dead Sea. They are liable to try to march to the Israeli border, even though in such a case they may be halted by the Jordanian security forces. Their main stated goal is to emphasize the Islamic nature of Jerusalem.
The march is reported in Jordan's Ammon News saying it is organized by the "Independent Commission of Jordan for the defense of Jerusalem."

There are a couple of Facebook groups about this. Also you can see a typically violent and gory video about the planned march.

There are a few of these planned for the next few months. Chances are most of them will fizzle but all it takes is one crazy person who is willing to be killed for the cause to put it on the front pages.

On the other hand, according to ITIC, last May there was a march in Jordan towards the Allenby Bridge and Jordanian soldiers shot and killed one of the demonstrators. I cannot find a single article mentioning this. Probably because it wasn't done by the IDF.

(h/t Ya'akov S.)