Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Humanitarians" visit Gaza, vow to fight Israel

A solidarity convoy made it into the Gaza Strip on Monday evening, through the Rafah Border Terminal, between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Members of the "Freedom Spring" convoy will be holding meetings with political and social figures in Gaza.

Representatives of Arab Spring movement are part of the convoy and plan to hold a meeting with Ismail Haniyya, Prime Minister of the dissolved Hamas-led government in Gaza, and several Palestinian officials, in addition to holding meetings with Gaza businessmen, representatives of women movements, and representatives of local NGO’s.

Dr. Salah Sultan, head of the “Egyptian Popular Committee Against the Judaisation of Jerusalem”, stated that convoy members came to Gaza to aid it and its people, and will “return as fighters and liberators of Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa Mosque”, the Hamas-affiliated Palestine-Info reported.

“We will stand with you, the world will stand with you, to defend Jerusalem, especially after the Zionists declared plans demolish the historic Moghrabi (Magharba) Gate in Jerusalem that links between the Al Boraq Wall and the Al Aqsa Mosque”, Sultan added.

On his part, Dr. Arafat Madi, head of the European Campaign to end the Siege on Gaza, stated that this convoy carries two messages; solidarity, as activists from more than 40 countries are part of this convoy, and to tell the people of Gaza “that they are not alone in the struggle against the Zionist occupation, that will vanish and end soon”.
So peaceful!