Thursday, November 03, 2011

How complicit is Turkey in new mini-flotilla?

From Trend:
Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Selcuk Unal said on Wednesday that there were no Turkish citizens on board of two ships which departed from Turkey for Gaza, Anadolu Agency reported.

When AA correspondent asked whether a two-ship aid flotilla departed from Turkey for Gaza, Unal said that two ships departed from Fethiye (town of Turkey's southwestern Mugla province) today, and both ships declared their destination as Rhodes.

There are no Turkish citizens on board of the ships each carrying 12 passengers, said Unal, adding that captains of the ships were Greek.
Did Turkey knowingly go along with the deception that the ships were going to Greece?

From the words of the flotidiots, it is unclear:
The activists told Haaretz that Turkish authorities requested they reduce the number of people on board, so not everyone was able to embark. They stressed that no particular organization was behind this new effort to sail to Gaza.
But that might just be for general safety reasons with nothing to do with Gaza.

And from Palestine News Network:
“Currently the Turkish Coast Guard is monitoring the ships,” claimed an Wednesday night report from the US Campaign to End the Occupation. But on Thursday morning, Michael Coleman, an Australian activist and teacher aboard the Canadian ship "Tahrir," said the situation had changed.

“Our Turkish escort is now out of sight and radar range,” said Coleman on his Twitter account.
However, it seems inconceivable that Turkey wasn't aware of a bunch of Irish and other foreigners showing up and taking a sail.

On the other hand, Turkey is not making a big show of support for the flotilla fools, and its actions seem to indicate that it is trying not to appear aggressive despite promises in recent months that it would send warships to protect any Turkish boats heading to Gaza.

Meanwhile, some of the mainstream media continues to push the lie that this is an "aid" flotilla. From The Australian/AFP:
Medical ships to test Israel blockade

TWO ships carrying medical aid and activists have set sail from Turkey in a new bid to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, pro-Palestinian activists have said.
Even Palestinian Arab sources admit the "medical aid" is symbolic, and that these ships are purely political.  For all we know, the $30,000 of "medical supplies" that they claim they are bringing might be a pillowcase full of counterfeit Viagra.