Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hamas didn't seem to get the "unity" memo

Hamas Gaza leader Mahmoud Zahar has again said that the heralded "unity" deal with Fatah is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Zahar pointedly said that the meeting between Abbas and Meshal in Cairo was not reconciliation, but a postponement of reconciliation.

He says that there is no way that the elections will be held in May because in the time beforehand there needs to be a provisional government set up and elections need to be organized, and Zahar says that this simply will not happen by May.

He claims that Fatah is arresting Hamas members, and that Abbas is dragging his feet because of the Israeli and US "veto" .

He also says that the Islamist takeover of the Arab Spring is an expression of natural historic forces and that American is experiencing decline.

Meanwhile, Hamas security forces stormed into Al Quds University, causing the administration to complain.