Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gaza children have really crappy amusement parks

Gaza children celebrated Eid al Adha in an amusement park in Gaza City - but they didn't look happy about it.

They know that their amusement parks aren't nearly as good as Disney World or Six Flags. So while their parents try hard to buy them cheap toys to make them happy, they know, deep down, that their amusement parks are really crappy.

Flotillas are desperately needed to bring decent roller coasters, log flumes and teacup rides to the impoverished sector. Otherwise, Gaza children are forced to take junky rides like this one.

This is what an open-air prison amusement park looks like, and it isn't pretty.

But you must force yourself to look at the horror and see what the reality is for Gaza children - every day.

Call Viva Palestina, ISM and Free Gaza to ask how you can help improve Gaza's amusement parks. Because, otherwise, it is a crime against humanity. 

And if anyone gets killed because a ride is not maintained properly, it is a slow genocide against all Gaza kids.