Monday, November 21, 2011

The four front-runners for "unity" PA prime minister

Palestine Today has a list of four candidates for being the prime minister in a Fatah/Hamas "unity" government.

The two Fatah nominees are:

  • Munib al Masri, a very wealthy businessman and former Jordanian cabinet minister who helped members of Black September escape Jordan in 1971. he has a holding company in London called the Edgo Group, and he is heavily involved in energy. Here he is in front of his house:

  • Mohammed Mustafa, head of the Palestine Investment Fund, a controversial institution partially owned by Hamas  that has recently been funding new housing for released terrorists. Its finances used to be considered transparent but lately it seems to be used by Abbas for shadier dealings. He has a PhD from George Washington University. 
Hamas' two candidates are:

  • Jamal Khudari, head of the "Popular Committee Against the Siege of Gaza," former minister of communications for Hamas. He is an independent but considered close to Hamas.
  • Mazen Sinokrot, who also works for the Palestine Investment Fund, head of the Sinokrot Global Group He attended University of Nottigham. . 

According to the article, Hamas would allow Salam Fayyad to remain as finance minister.