Monday, November 14, 2011

The cruel Egyptian blockade of Gaza continues

Egypt has arrested 10 Gazans who sneaked through tunnels under Rafah into the country.

The people who were nabbed had tried to enter Egypt legally through the Rafah crossing, but the severe limitations on who can leave Gaza and long waiting lists, along with the corruption of the officials in charge of the crossing, forced them to use more illicit means of entering Egypt.

Three of the people caught were students, and a brother and sister were also caught.

A few weeks ago another dozen or so Gazans were arrested as well in Egypt.

I'm sure that the Free Gaza movement and Viva Palestina are staging noisy protests outside Egyptian embassies worldwide on the cruel, inhuman treatment by Egypt of innocent Gazans. Because we all know how much they care about the lives of Gazans in their open-air prison.