Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Anti-semitic Iranian film is a hit

From Walla:
An Iranian film with anti-Semitic insinuations is recently gaining much publicity in Iran. "Saturday's Hunter", a film originally screened at a film festival in Tehran, is featured in many publications, local television networks and social networks.

The plot centers around Zionist Rabbi Hanan, an Orthodox Jew wearing a skullcap with long side curls, who takes on his grandson Benjamin to teach him to create a war machine to destroy all the nations. Little Benjamin completes the transformation that his grandfather wanted to make him into a fearless warrior. "You should not kill people," the grandson says and his grandfather answers: "Only Jews you can not kill."

Menashe Amir, Israel Radio commentator on Iranian affairs, said that prominent Jewish community leaders [in Iran] sent letters of protest to the government in response to the movie, but got no answer. The director of the film, however, sent them a strong response, arguing that "Judaism is a symbol of evil" and that "these films will continue and will be filmed in the future."

Here are two Farsi-language trailers:

(h/t Yoel)