Tuesday, October 04, 2011

So long, Challah Hu Akbar

Some blogs, mine included, like to put up brief compliments given by other prominent bloggers in their sidebars. One of my favorite compliments on any blog was not directed towards me but to Challah Hu Akbar:

"Your blog is awesome... I think of you as 'Son of ElderofZiyon.' ... You are a phenomenon!" Daphne Anson

Indeed, in many ways I also think of Challah Hu Akbar as a younger version of myself. In the ten short months since he burst on the scene he has proved himself to be a fantastic researcher, able to find and ferret out obscure but important facts quickly and accurately.

Recently, after Netanyahus's UN speech, he made a poster that made me jealous:

He has proved to be as prolific as he is talented: in March he posted an astounding 355 articles!

Unfortunately, after his brief but meteoric career, he is closing down the blog:

While all this is nice, it sadly must come to an end.
In short, I am committed to a vast array of activities and I can no longer put the necessary amount of effort and time to make this blog what it should be.
I thank you all for your support.

This is a major loss for the Zionist blogosphere.

He'll still hang out on Twitter and he'll still be in touch but I know I will miss his unique voice and intelligence. Hopefully, he'll find a way to keep blogging. Because as everyone knows, even a small challah is better than nothing.