Thursday, October 06, 2011

PLO ambassador in Brazil: "Israel must disappear"

From Reinaldo Azevedo in Veja-Brazil, Brazil's most popular magazine:

Imagine the scandal if an Israeli diplomat said: “The Palestinian Authority should disappear.” On Friday, Alzeben Ibrahim, the Palestinian ambassador in Brazil, told a group of university students that “Israel should disappear.”

To leave no doubt as to what he meant, he added, "And this is not the ambassador of Iran or President Ahmadinejad who is speaking."

Thus it was evident that he did not mean Israel must disappear from the West Bank, but wiped off the map as Ahmadinejad preached.

Knowing that Hamas, which also says that Israel must disappear, will not stop shooting rockets into Israel, Alzeben said: "Israel is preparing provocations for a new conflict. Be skeptical of the origin of the next rocket departing from Palestine. " So he is saying he has counterintelligence information where Israel is infiltrating agents into Gaza to fire missiles at Israel itself, understand?

By saying that "Israel must disappear," Alzeben illuminates the nature of the "struggle" which many experts, including ours, refuse to admit.

When the Palestinian Authority refuses to recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" and wants to make the return of the so-called "refugees" this is a cause for future generations to be guided. When it cannot eliminate "that Israel" using weapons, it is dreaming to one day eliminate it via demographics.

(h/t Daily Alert via Honest Reporting.)