Wednesday, September 07, 2011

PLO insults the US again

From Al Arabiya:
Yasser Abd Rabbo, secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said US policy now appeared confined to one point: stopping the Palestinians from embarking on their diplomatic initiative at the United Nations.

“The subject is not settlements, or Palestinian independence or the rights of the Palestinian people, or halting the criminal violations perpetrated by the settlers against the Palestinian people,” he said.

“All this is being ignored and the only issue has become the issue of us not going to the United Nations,” he told Voice of Palestine radio.

“This shows not only disdain for the Palestinian position, but also scorn for what is happening in the Arab region -- a state of revival seeking justice for the Arab peoples and justice for the whole region.”
The PLO feels free to insult the US anytime it pleases, without fear of any diplomatic backlash.

Earlier this year the Palestinian Arab delegation walked out during a speech by Hillary Clinton. Also earlier this year, the PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the US was an "obstacle to peace" and "not an honest broker" These are all strong words in the diplomatic sphere, and the US would react harshly if any other entity would constantly insult it.

As usual, though, the PLO will get a pass.