Sunday, August 28, 2011

Even Hezbollah is accused of being Zionist

The Lebanese March 14th movement is accusing Hezbollah of acting like Israel and of serving Israel's interests:
Several March 14 leaders attacked Hezbollah on Saturday and condemned the speech of its Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah that he delivered via video link on Quds ( Jerusalem ) day last Friday night.

Phalange party MP Sami Gemayel compared Hezbollah to Israel in the way it has been expanding to take over Lebanon.

Gemayel said that Hezbollah is practicing “a unique policy of settlements” similar to Israel’s.
“Hezbollah depended on military power to control a certain area, and the Jews depended on the same thing to take over Palestine,” he told As-Sharq radio station.

March 14 MP Ahmad Fatfat said on Saturday that Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the one who serves Israel’s interests.

“Didn’t he assassinate leaders in the national resistance? Isn’t he the one who pointed his weapons at the Lebanese people? Doesn’t that serve Israel?,” Fatfat questioned.