Thursday, July 14, 2011

NGO Monitor's list of BDSers being funded by governments

NGO Monitor came out with a very important piece of research showing a list of organizations that support boycotting and sanctions against Israel - and the countries that fund them:

NGOs involved in BDS and their funders (partial list):
NGOPrimary FundersFunding AmountCentral Involvement
AddameerSweden€207,000 (2009)
 Signatory to 2005 BDS call (http://www.bdsmovement.net/)
NDC*$127,000  (2010-12)
Al HaqHolland$426,201 (funding ceased in 2008)
Signatory to 2005 BDS call (http://www.bdsmovement.net/)


$88,928 (2009)

$156,163 (2009, funding ceased)
Ford Foundation


$600,000 (2009-10)

$120,490 (2009)

$134,000 (2010-12)
Al MezanSweden€105,000 (2007-9) Signatory to 2005 BDS call (http://www.bdsmovement.net/)
NDC*$425,000 (2010-12)
Norway, EUfunding not transparent
Alternative Information Center


Sweden (via Diakonia)

Spain and the Basque gov't (via MUNDUBAT)

Catalan gov't (via Sodepau)

funding not transparent

434,024NIS (2009)


164,225NIS (2009) 

711,182NIS (2009)

173,271NIS (2009)
 "Yes to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Against Israel"
Alternatives (Montreal)Canada
$2,000,000CAN (2008-10) (unclear if ceased)
 Signatory to 2005 BDS call (http://www.bdsmovement.net/)
Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (PA)EU€374,174 (2009-11)   Signatory to 2005 BDS call (http://www.bdsmovement.net/)
Spain€98,347 (2009)
Switzerland funding not transparent
Badil (PA)NDC*$575,000 (2010-12) Leader of BDS movement
Christian AidIreland, EU24,521,692£ (2009-10)"Partner supporting" calling for BDS and "pursuing parastata Zionist orgs"
Coalition of Women for PeaceEU€247,954 (2005-7)  Runs "Who profits?" website, which is central in the Norwegian BDS campaign
NIF$294,129 (2006-9)(funding ceased 2011)
Defence of Children International -Palestine Section
Sweden (via Save the Children)

European Union
459,000SEK (2009-11)

600,000 (2009-12)
 Signatory to 2005 BDS call (http://www.bdsmovement.net/)

$639,000 (2010-12)

DiakoniaSweden$52.7 million (2009) Advocates for divestment strategy against Israel, lobbies against EU-Israel upgrade
Human Rights WatchSoros' Open Society Institute
$2,353,895 (2007-8)
$100,000,000 (2010-20)
Supported Caterpillar boycott,Call for cuts in U.S. foreign aid to Israel
Ford Foundation$445,000 (2009-11)
Netherlands via Oxfam-NOVIB $987,818 (2007-8)
Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)Spain€105,000 (2009) Leader in BDS activism

$76,000  (2010-12)

€169,661 (2010-12)
KAIROSCanada - funding washalted in 2009$1,575,966 (2008)  Main supporter of church divestment campaign
Machsom WatchEU€251,650 (2007-2010) Norwegian Pension Fund divestment campaign
MiftahEU$79,906 (2010)Signatory to 2005 BDS call (http://www.bdsmovement.net/)
Denmark$28,077 (2010)

$60,624 (2010)

$110,000 (2010-12)
MossawaNIF$517,642 (2006-8)Norwegian Pension Fund divestment campaign
EU€298,660 (2006-8)
UKfunding not transparent
Norwegian Association of NGOs for Palestine (incl. Norwegian People's Aid)Norway€57,000 (2008) Coordinates Norwegian Boycott Israel Campaign
USA€8,000 (2008)
Sweden, Netherlands funding not transparent
Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO)NDC*$130,000 Leader of BDS movement

Received France's Human Rights Prize
SabeelSweden€76,000 (2006-8)Leader of global church divestment movement
TrocaireIreland€23,499,837 (2008)Supports BDS movement, lobbies against EU-Israel upgrade, calls for review of arms export licenses
UK€640,682 (2008)
EU€1,698,692 (2008)
War on WantUK€256,000 (2008)Advocates for sanctions, including arms boycott
Ireland€77,000 (2008)
EU€266,000 (2008)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights (Gaza)

EU, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden
$425,000  (2010-12)

funding not transparent
Leader of BDS movement

 *The NDC mechanism is funded by Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands; 2008-9
I wonder if anyone ever put together a list of which regions/countries receive the most international NGO help? It would be interesting to see if money spent has any relationship to money needed.