Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Latma Beach Boys song parody: "Guns, Guns Guns." And a modest EoZ effort.

Doesn't quite hit the spot for me, though.

I would have chosen Van Morrison's "Gloria" instead:

Like to tell you 'bout my Gaza
Their people believe in their god,
You've never seen such hospitality,
The guys in Islamic Jihad,
They like to shoot their Qassams,
Just about midnight,
They make me feel so welcome,
They make me feel so right,
And we're coming on F-L-O-T-I ---
FLOTILLA (Flo-tilla!)
FLOTILLA (Flo-tilla!)
I'm going to sail every night
I'm going to tweet every day
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Hamas cleans the streets,
Of every infidel,
If their women don't cover up,
They'll all go to hell,
They cannot admit,
Every war they lose,
That's why I love them,
And because they hate Jews.

FLOTILLA (Flo-tilla!)
FLOTILLA (Flo-tilla!)
Press conferences every night,
Hunger strikes every day,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Eh, maybe I need to think a few more minutes.

(h/t Yerushalimey)