Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hamas considering more kidnappings, says "Israel isn't in our dictionary"

Hamas's head of international relations, Osama Hamdan, has restated the official Hamas positions that the Western media loves to downplay.

Hamdan issued a press release where we learn these wonderful things:

  • Hamas does not rule out kidnapping more Israelis in order to better its bargaining position in a prisoner swap.
  • "Resistance will continue, God willing, in order to liberate the land of Palestine from the [river to the] sea."
  • Palestine has entered a fierce battle with Israel on two fronts. The first front is resistance against the occupation [i.e., Israel] continuing until its termination, and the second to preserve the unity of the Palestinian people.
  • Resistance will humiliate the Zionist enemy and liberate the land.
  • "We have made ​​clear we will not recognize the occupation, and today I say more than that: There is no Israel in our political dictionary."
As usual, Western pundits will ignore and downplay any statements like these, while trumpeting vague statements by Hamas that could be badly misinterpreted as meaning that it is willing to accept Israel's existence.