Sunday, July 17, 2011

BDS Fail - at new Gaza supermarket (updated with Chanukah gelt!)

The flotilla still has one remaining vessel:
One of the boats that was scheduled to take part in the Gaza-bound flotilla last week has set sail to Egypt from Greece, the Greek coastguard announced on Saturday. According to the coastguard, the Dignite/Al Karama left the tiny Greek island of Kastellorizo for the Egyptian port of Alexandria.
But did the flotidiots think ahead to ensure that they had enough food for the return journey from Gaza?

Lucky for them, their trip was delayed, because on Friday a new supermarket opened in Gaza that would be perfect for ensuring that they don't suffer the starvation that they claim Gazans are in danger of.

Introducing: Metro Market, conveniently located on Al Shuhada Street in Gaza City:

Actually, if they do visit Metro, they would be forced to protest the fact that it is not adhering to BDS because it sells so many Israeli products - and even features them prominently:

It's a terrible world when Israel boycotters can't even convince stores in Gaza to stop selling Israeli goods.

Original photos here and here. There are lots of them.

(h/t Gaia K)

UPDATE: I had missed this great one: milk chocolate Chanukah coins!

UPDATE 2: My response the the laughable +972 "rebuttal" is here.