Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend link grab bag

As always, Now Lebanon has tons of new news from Syria. Many, many major protests today, and reports of 14 killed. Hundreds of people fleeing to Turkey and Lebanon

Hundreds protesting in Jordan for reforms.

Caliphate conference coming to the UK!

Oldie but goodie BBC/Gaza spoof

Logical, but wrong

Was there a Fatah/Hamas reconciliation agreement?

Haaretz: "A leading Israeli official has praised Pope Pius XII for saving Jews during the Nazi occupation of Rome, a surprise twist in a long-standing controversy over the pontiff's wartime role."

Michael Totten on Syria/Turkey

National anthem not played for graduating law students in Haifa - because of Arab students?

A female president of an Orthodox shul in Australia. Oh, she's also an aborigine.

Israeli company cyber-spies terrorists

People are liking this video of Rep. Michele Bachmann on Israel.

Hey Jews!:

(h/t Israel Muse, Joel, YM, Yerushalimey, MM, Ian, Silke, Mitchell)