Friday, June 10, 2011

Video: Jews fleeing Kotel today as Arabs hurl rocks from above

From YNet:
Police and Border Guard forces broke into the Temple Mount compound on Friday after stones were hurled at the end of Friday prayers. Officers dispersed the rioters using crowd dispersal means and isolated them. No injuries have been reported. Three worshippers were arrested.

Dozens of youths began to hurl stones at the Moroccans' Gate adjacent to the Western Wall as Friday prayers in the Old City drew to a close. Security forces were forced to enter the compound to put a stop to the violence.

Unlike previous weeks, police decided not to restrict the entrance of young worshippers to the Temple Mount this week.

It usually only allows worshippers over the age of 50 to enter the site when there is intelligence suggesting others may try to cause provocations.
Via Rotter.net, you can see footage from one of the "KotelCams." In the first 20 seconds Jewish worshippers are seen fleeing the Western Wall as the scene played out. You can also see that they return within a minute.

(h/t Lenny)