Sunday, June 19, 2011

UNRWA summer camps shut down, Hamas camps in full swing

I reported on Friday that some Gazans, upset that UNRWA has not rebuilt their homes, have been blocking UNRWA from performing its services - and threatened to block UNRWA's Summer Games program.

On Saturday, the protesters made good on their threat:

Homeless families in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday shut down UNRWA summer camps in protest over the agency's failure to reconstruct homes destroyed during the Second Intifada.

Gaza residents also closed UNRWA's emergency department, social services office and ration stores, said Atiyya Radwan, who heads a committee of families whose homes have been destroyed.
Now as bad and counterproductive as UNRWA is, alternate providers of services are worse.

And, right on cue, Hamas is moving in to fill the vacuum.

Hamas announced Saturday that its own summer camp program, which they use as a breeding ground for terrorists, is in full swing and so far has 50,000 campers.

Hamas camps have been known for paramilitary activities as well as routinely teaching kids to hate.

For some reason, the protesters are not complaining against Hamas building mosques instead of houses on otherwise empty land.