Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Unity": Hamas turns up the rhetoric against Fatah and the PA

Hamas media and politicians have been fairly low key about criticizing the PA since the "unity" agreement was struck, but that has been changing lately.

Besides the public spats over who is going to be the "unity" prime minister, we are seeing:

The Hamas MP, Mona Mansour, who was engaged in a protest in Nablus yesterday is now accusing PA police of stripping her and her daughter of their hijabs while they were being arrested. She also says that journalists were attacked.

Hamas is saying that the latest visit by Jews to the Tomb of Joseph is being "protected by Fatah security" who is keeping people away.

A deputy to the president of Hamas' legislative council now says that there can be no reconciliation as long as Fatah continues to arrest Hamas members in the West Bank.

Sounds like "unity" is fraying badly, but they will try their hardest to ensure that this does not escape into the English-language media before....September.  Then all hell will break loose.