Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thru Jerusalem: Great music video

Details about the video and the artist:

Thru-Jerusalem, Kutiman's latest work, is the result of a musical journey that lasted a number of weeks and included visits to a number of different musicians in the city. Kutiman stopped off in apartments, ventured out into the open air (in the backdrop of the stunning Jerusalem landscape) and visited the rehearsal rooms of local creative artists to record their work.

Among other artists appearing on the resultant video piece are musicians such as blues artist Lazer Lloyd (who after a short visit to a rabbi changed his life completely despite being signed by Atlantic Records), Guy Mar from HaDag Nahash, Safi Suede - one of the most important Kanun players in the world; the ultimate marching band - Marsh Donderma, Emanuel Wizthum on the viola and a few dozen musicians of different ages, different ethnic backgrounds and who play different instruments-but all of which derive from the city.

Kutiman worked his magic and produced an amazing 5-minute long work which documents the emotional journey he took in the city. He alternates between optimism and despair, between the future and the past, between the new and the ancient and ends the video with a mantra of harmonious and emotional prayer. The work itself is made up of a collection of unique footage of the city and in essence this is, in fact, represent the unique "sound" of the city.

(h/t The David Project)