Friday, June 10, 2011

Syria again tries to play the Zionist card

From Syria's official SANA news agency:

The Leadership of al-Baath Arab Party in Lebanon stressed that the steadfastness of the Syrian people, army and leadership will thwart the conspiracy hatched against Syria.

In a statement issued on Thursday after a meeting chaired by al-Baath Party Regional Director, Fayz Shoukir, the Leadership said that the reality of the projects which target the Arab nation has been divulged.

The Leadership warned that this conspiracy led by the American-Zionist alliance and some of the European countries constitutes a danger threatening not only Syria, but the whole Arab nation and its basic interests and future.

It added that the aggressive attack launched under the pretext of the so-called "Democracy" and "Human Rights" is very far from these slogans as the American-Zionist alliance practices the most obnoxious types of persecuting the nations including the Arab people to control the capabilities and resources of the Arab nation and to keep the Arab societies in a state of division and backwardness.

Member of Liberation and Development Bloc, Lebanese MP Kassem Hashem, stressed that Syria is stronger than any conspiracies hatched against it, and it will overcome the crisis.

For his part, Former Lebanese President, Emile Lahoud, considered that the current events witnessed in Syria and the way some countries deal with them, stress that the Western countries work only for achieving their private interests.
This type of article is very much in the style of Iran's English-language propaganda. They find some lackey willing to say exactly what the ruling regime wants them to say and then position it as if it is significant.

Of course, Lebanon's Baath party is nothing but a branch of Syria's Baath party and will not say anything different from the official party line.

It is still striking how Syria is clueless about how tone-deaf its message must appear even to other Arabs. The days of blaming everything on Zionists and Americans is over; the Arab people have proven that they are not so easily manipulated anymore (even though they generally hate Israel as much as their purported leaders do.)

See also this editorial at Al Asharq al Awsat that talks explicitly about how Arabs use Palestinian Arabs as excuses to do whatever they want.

(last link h/t Joel)