Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So why is Israel afraid of little old ladies?

"Journalist" Mya Guernieri, who has been cheerleading the flotilla in various publications, sent out a Twitpic showing ladies of the flotilla with the caption
yes, these #freedomflotilla2 people really look like they're baying for blood, don't they? #sarcasm

So since people think that this is a convincing argument, I created a little graphic:

The Free Gaza article I am referring to is here. The entire paragraph, in context, says:

Even immoral and self-defeating acts of violence against Israeli civilians (such as some suicide bombings are) cannot be equated with the daily humiliations, terror, and death that Israel inflicts on Palestinians by deliberate policy. Contrary to its presentation in the mainstream media, this conflict is neither a righteous war against evil Arab terrorists, nor a religious or ethnic dispute between two opposing and equally self-justified groups of people. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the struggle of two irreconcilable and unequal causes: the struggle of an oppressed people for freedom, justice, and self-determination against their oppressors’ struggle to maintain (and even expand) their domination. Under these circumstances resistance is not only a right - it's a moral imperative.
The author is not talking about "non-violent resistance" in this segment.

The second photo is part of the cargo captured from the Francop ship which contained 320 tons of Iranian weapons.

(h/t Margie for the pic)