Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Where are the amateur videos of the Golan riots?

YouTube is filled with amateur video of Syrian demonstrators and of Syrian funerals. Scores of such videos are uploaded daily. Everyone now has video cameras in their phones so it is easy to take such videos (even as it might be somewhat difficult to upload them from Syria at times.)

Yet I cannot find a single amateur video of the riots in the Golan Heights on Sunday, "Naksa Day." No videos of people being shot, or of life threatening injuries. I tried multiple search terms in Arabic, but the best I can find is Al Jazeera coverage or people posting Israeli TV coverage (cropping out the Hebrew, but obviously from the Israeli side.)

Isn't that interesting? Hundreds of young people come ostensibly to protest Israel, many fully expecting (and some actively hoping) to be shot and "martyred" by the hated Zionist enemy, yet no videos have surfaced of this supposed massacre?

The only explanation I can think of is that the Syrian authorities who transported them to the demonstration confiscated every single phone and camera before allowing them to arrive.

The Syrian authorities clearly wanted their story of the demonstration to be the only one. And as is increasingly clear, it is only a story.