Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Saudi cleric sees sex at Jedda airport

Jedda Internationalcourse Airport?

Too funny, from MEMRI:

Following are excerpts from a video featuring Saudi cleric Dr. Ali Baqna, posted on the Internet (June 1, 2011):
Ali Baqna: This clip reveals the true story behind the design of the [Jedda] airport. We can see clearly in this picture… This is the head, here is one hand, and here is another hand. This is a leg, and here is the other leg. But what do we have here? This is a women's vagina. And what do we have here? A man's penis. And here we have another vagina.

This is a man's penis [coming out] of a vagina, but opposite it, there is a woman lying on the land of the Arabian Peninsula. This pillar represents the penis – God forbid – in this pagan design, and this represents the female. This is exactly what it represents. It is very clear, Allah be praised.

This is a drawing made according to this model. This is the airport. Here is the head, these are the hands, and here you have the legs. The woman's vagina is very clear in this drawing. This is a depiction of the tallest control tower in the world.

This is only to make things clear to you, and to show you that this design is a pagan design, a design of the sacred woman whom they worship, in order to sanctify fertility, witchcraft, paganism, and so on.


Here you can clearly see the head, the hands, and the legs. The tower erected here represents a human penis, God forbid. This here represents a woman's vagina, God forbid. To my view, this is crystal clear.


People who know how the West thinks realize that this reflects their never-ending ways of deception. It is as Allah said: "Nor will they cease fighting you." They are fighting you with weapons, with spearheads, with ideology, and so on.


This is a vagina from which a penis comes out. "Allah's curse be upon them, how they are deluded away from the truth." The [West] relies upon such theories, such desires, and the so-called women's liberation. Why? Women's liberation? So that women can be like the rebellious Lilith.


Prince Khaled is presenting the model to Prince Sultan. Note that the penis can be seen here. They feared that this would be revealed – the head, the hands, the penis – so when they were standing in front of the larger model, it didn't include the penis. How come? Where is the penis here? Maybe they wanted to avoid problems.
If the Saudis are censoring real p0rn from their Internet, then this must be the next-best thing.

(h/t Israellycool)