Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A peek into the Bizarro world of Hezbollah

Here is most of a fairly typical article in Al Manar (Hezbollah/Lebanon) that highlights the difference between the worldviews of Hezbollah, and those of normal people:

Member of the Baath parliamentary bloc in Lebanon MP Assem Qanso said that the conspiracy against Syria has failed in achieving its goals. He expressed belief that the campaign against Syria was not new, and put it in the framework of the economic, military and political blockade on the resistance path against the American-Zionist scheme.

The Lebanese lawmaker told Al-Manar Website that the recent developments in Syria come in the framework of the international political, economic and military blockade against the resistant country. He explained that Syria, like Iran as well as the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, was targeted by the so-called international community because it belongs to the resistant anti-American and Zionist scheme path. He admitted that the latest battle was the strongest, but kept it in the same context of the American-Zionist scheme.

Qanso said that the immunity of the national and Arab Syrian people was enough to put an end to the crisis. In this context, he also pointed out Syria’s history with Arabism since the days of Sultan Basha Atrash. “The Syrians are the most immune people at the patriotic level,” he said.

While noting that Americans and Europeans failed in breaking the patriotism of the Syrian people, Qanso noted that “unlike the case in Yemen, Libya and other places, they also failed to break the Syrian ideological army.” He emphasized that “the Syrian army remained united and faced, with full determination, the Salafist groups that were militarily and financially supported by Lebanon, Turkey and Iran.”

The Baath Party MP expressed belief that the conspiracy has failed in achieving its goals, adding that the crisis was reaching its end. Meanwhile, he praised the Russian and Chinese role that prevented the United Nations from imposing sanctions against Syria through the Security Council (UNSC). Qanso said that “this great stance consolidated Syria’s national stance and thwarted all attempts to overthrow its resistant regime.”

Answering a question, Qanso said that “all the symbols of resistance against the American-Zionist plot will be targeted by the so-called international community that will always attempt to break their steadfastness. He expressed belief that these attempts would have no limits at all, but added that the Resistance has proven that it was able to change the balances everywhere.

Asked whether the conspiracy against Syria has ended, Qanso said: “It was a difficult experience, but we’re the victorious ones, God willing, thanks to our resistance and steadfastness.”

Turning to the local developments, Qanso was asked whether he would give the government a vote of no-confidence at the parliament as he was quoted as saying last week. He said that he would follow the recommendations of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah. “Everything will proceed according to the recommendations of Sayyed Nasrallah,” he explained. “We will remain behind Sayyed Hasan until death,” he pointed out.

Qanso also said that the new majority would overcome all the difficulties and challenges. “We will also triumph the US and Israeli agents in Lebanon, i.e. the March 14 forces,” he added. He said that he would not give these forces any value or consideration from now on.

Qanso warned against some groups seeking sabotage in the country, in reference to Hizb Ut-Tahrir which is holding anti-Syria demonstrations in the north. “Those people have been prepared since a while for such incidents. They are worse than Takfiris and Salafis,” he said. “They are extremists. I know them since 1956. They have links with the English intelligence and work for the Americans.”
So now we know that Syrian protesters are Zionist and American stooges, and that the Lebanese March 14th opposition is filled with Zionist and American stooges and spies.

More interestingly, the socialist Baath party in Lebanon has been magically transformed into a Shiite group that slavishly follows whatever Nasrallah says.