Thursday, June 23, 2011

PalArab crybabies whine about - Angelina Jolie!

Last week, Angelina Jolie visited Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Not everyone was happy about this.

In an open letter to Jolie reproduced at a number of Arabic sites, a very angry but anonymous Palestinian Arab writes:

Dear Angelina Jolie, I saw you in Turkey, carrying gifts for Syrian refugees who were only a couple of days within the Turkish borders. Did you ask this International Foundation: How could such a decision be taken for the Palestinian people who were refugees for 60 years? Did you ask about the number of Palestinian refugees who were displaced from their homes to spread all over the world because of the usurping by a racist Zionist military of their right to their land?

"A basic question, my sweet: Do you even know where Palestine is?

How dare Jolie seem to care about anyone besides Palestinian Arabs, the Exclusive Licensed Refugees of the Middle East®?

How dare those upstart Syrians dare flee for their lives to another country, taking vital attention away from Palestinian Arabs! The  media that could have been talking about a new flotilla was instead momentarily distracted by an actress helping non-Palestinian Arabs!

The nerve!