Thursday, June 02, 2011


Slate: The Persistence of Hate

Video: The rabbi and the paratroopers (taking care of soldiers during the Lebanon war)

Lots of blogs have been following the ban on Israeli books in the Scottish town of West Dunbartonshire. Israellycool has had a bunch of posts, The Muqata is organizing a counter-boycott of Scotch whiskey, and the idiotic comments of one of the council members made it into YNet.

Spengler on the upcoming Arab economic meltdown.

A long and depressing article in Commentary by Daniel Gordis on how young rabbis are being "even-handed." When the supposed leaders of a people cannot see the difference between their own people and the enemy, we are in serious trouble.

Hamas' leader again makes some comments that are hardly peaceful. But, then again, Fatah isn't much different.

The IDF holds races. The real, running kind.

After lots of criticism, an LGBT center in New York decides not to host any groups who deal with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

(h/t Cheryl and lots of people whose names I didn't save, sorry)