Monday, June 20, 2011

Linkdump, part 3

The myth of the Stoned Dog; see also Honest Reporting's take

What if the Jews had followed the Palestinian path? at WSJ

Meet with Israel? PalArabs can't meet with themselves! by Jonathan Tobin

The Syrian Occupation at Sky News

Anti-semitism at U. of Toronto at The Forward

Jonathan Pollard could not attend the funeral of his father

Bashir Assad's speech didn't seem to make Syrian protesters too happy

Barry Rubin on the power of the mass media to distort reality

Jennifer Rubin on American Jewish leaders who shill for Obama

Also, check out the "Elder of Ziyon Daily" newspaper that is auto-generated once a day by Paper.li from articles here as well as from people I follow on Twitter. It is a nice paper with stories I would have missed, in a pretty attractive format. Wish I could edit it, though!

(h/t Israel Muse, David F)