Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Latest Zionist plot: Sending prostitutes with AIDS to infect PalArabs

From Iran's German-language radio website:

The Zionist regime wants to spread the HIV virus among Palestinian workers to force the Palestinian nation to its knees through fornication. Schahed Saad, secretary general of the Palestinian workers' union, said the Zionist regime imported 150 HIV-infected prostitutes from Russia within the 1948 occupied territories to be introduced to Palestinian workers, who are there, to infect them with AIDS.

According to the report to the HIV-infected prostitutes arrive in occupied Palestine and visit the areas where Palestinian workers are employed, where they seduce and infect them.
Poisoning the wells with bubonic plague is so 14th century. If you are an evil Jewish stereotype, you have got to get modern, and what can be more trendy than infecting your enemies with AIDS?

One might think that the transmission mechanism seems a bit slow to achieve full genocide. However, you must remember - these are money-grubbing Jews we're talking about. They need to extract cash from horny Palestinian Arab men while infecting them. It's just so perfect!

Now, the only question remaining is why the Iranian media did not seem to want to publish this in English, but instead chose German.

(h/t Challah Hu Akbar)