Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Koran saves 10-year old Saudi girl from rape

From Arab News:
The latest victim of a serial rapist said reciting the Qur’an stopped her attacker from sexually assaulting her, Al-Madinah newspaper reported Monday.

The 10-year-old told the newspaper that she was able to protect herself against his evil deeds by reciting five chapters of the holy book that she had learned by heart.

“Every time he came closer to me, I started reciting Qur'an and he would withdraw,” she said.

The girl, identified by her initials M.M.S., said the rapist would ask her to stop reciting the Qur'an but when she refused to listen to him, he hit her hard on the face. “Because of my recitations, he was reluctant to touch me,” she said.
This is the best use of the Koran I've ever seen.

Saudi Arabia only last week arrested a schoolteacher accused of raping 13 girls in Jeddah. This girl lives in Jeddah as well, so either they have the wrong guy or there is a copycat.